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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Found A Fellow Blogging Enthusiast: Meet Tim

Hey there Kids!
I write tonight with some potential good news, only I'm hoping that maybe you good people wouldn't mind double checking my enthusiasm b/c I don't that I can be TOO sure that this is good news. But, I'd like to think it is b/c that would be encouraging for my research and thus my paper.

I found a couple of articles on Kairos about Place Blogging, or also, Blogging Place.(http://english.ttu.edu/kairos/10.1/coverweb/lindgren/audience.htm). Ever heard of it?
Me neither, only it turns out to be actually a cool thing that people can and actually do in regards to blogging. I somehow ran across it when I ran a search in Kairos looking for "Blogging" and "audience." Apparently, these particular bloggers keep weblogs about Place, the place they live, the place their visiting, the place that keeps them occupied.

Now what that has to do with audience is something that Tim Lindren goes into at length, but just to pull out a couple of interesting quotes for starters:

"Both Lorianne's posts and her blog as a whole offer essayistic qualities that have been remediated in this new genre. In "Saving a Place for Essayistic Literacy," Doug Hesse argues for the ongoing relevance of the essay tradition in the midst of the increasing prevalence of networked, digital literacies. Writing before the emergence of blogging as a genre, Hesse identifies similar cultural kairos to what Miller and Shepard describe as the "flux of subjectivity" created by online communication..."

"One might increase one's knowledge of another place, but insight into other ways to engage a place--heuristics and ways of thinking that one can bring back to blogging about one's own place...The role of the distanced audience in place blogging may be to remind us that the local and the global are intimately related in a globalized economy."

So my enthusiasm begins when I hear Lindgren not only acknowledge blogging as its own genre, but that there are also subgenres within blogging, and that underneath all of that, there is a foundation of the "essay" that binds these subgroups together...or at least, the potential for that kind of writing is highly recognizable....
I think that the further I go in my research and in my reflection, I can't help but be more and more convinced that blogging is its own genre. Of course, it has its antecedents such as journaling, logging, memoirs, journalism, media monitoring service, etc...(e.g. Lindgren), but that fact alone supports this idea that blogging does fit into that category of genre b/c it DOES have antecedent writing genres. It's as Lindgren explains, "....blogging [is] a rare chance to witness a process akin to what evolutionary biologists call 'speciation,' the development of a new species, or in this case, a new genre."

If this is true, what does that mean for students to whom we assign blogging? What kind of impact will they have in shaping this new genre? What does this recognition do for us as comp instructors? Who do we account for this in our pedagogical approach in the classroom? And how could we possibly avoid personal narrative if we assign blogging when one of of blogging's ancestral parents is personal essays?


  • At 10:29 PM, Blogger Tammy said…

    hey rachael,
    got your blog message.
    it felt good to get some non-academic (in some sense) comments.
    i'll let you know by saturday.
    thanks so much for considering me.

  • At 3:24 PM, Blogger 081christina said…

    Hi, I did the same thing on Kairos. Audience/Blog search. I read that article too. I agree that blogging could be evolving into its own genre. Some bloggers are so intense; it's like they are self publishing their own newsletters or magazines without the big names. Look at how the invasion of Iraq is being covered-many people are posting the news...So it impacts journalism as well as literature. Very significant. And it does differ from message boards and emails, in that it has no address, no name. I also like how (even though I have a hard time figuring it out) how you can put web links in your argument...I love it! I wish my blog could be my grade for the class instead of the 20 page paper. Uh Maybe...I would have to nail that concept of incorporating links into my blog.

    Anyway, I totally see your point. And how can it not be done through some type of personal narrative...afterall a blog is usually your self-initiated ideas/arguments...

  • At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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